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Can Your White Fillings Stain?

Do you have white, or composite, fillings? If so, are you taking proper care of them? Without proper care, you could lose those fillings. Caring for them means making sure you brush twice a day, plus flossing. You also need to make sure you are eating the right foods to keep your teeth healthy. However, […]

How Gaps Between Your Teeth Can Harm Your Oral Health

When you smile, people instantly take note of your teeth. Dental imperfections, no matter how minor, can cause self-consciousness, making you make every attempt to hide your mouth. And a refusal to smile can negatively impact a person’s initial impression. Gaps between your teeth, while viewed by some as cute and endearing, are one of […]

Are You Brushing Your Whole Mouth?

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times before.  It’s important to brush your teeth twice a day to maintain the health of your teeth. But did you know simply brushing your teeth isn’t enough to keep your whole mouth healthy?  Your entire mouth requires attention for optimal health. Teeth The most obvious area to brush […]

Are Tooth Loss and Kidney Disease Connected?

Tooth loss can result in a variety of problems. When we lose teeth, the jawbone that was intended to support them can begin to reabsorb, and the rest of the teeth may start to shift into the newly-emptied spot. Depending on where the tooth is, it can also be difficult to eat, bite, and speak […]