Dental Services

At Idaho Family Dental, your oral health is our job. Dr. Budolfson and her dental team work to provide you with the care you need and the comfort that you want. Dentistry is a rapidly advancing science, and we work to stay ahead of the game with the latest in dental treatments and technology, providing you with the best care. By scheduling checkups at least twice a year, Dr. Budolfson is able to develop a relationship with the health of your teeth and take care of problems before they become significantly bigger problems. When larger problems do arise, we are prepared to discuss multiple options with our patients and find the solution that fits best with each individual based on their needs. We provide dental services for the entire family, children through adults, are welcomed.

We offer a wide range of dental services to the Boise area. Learn more about the different procedures by clicking the links below:

Boise Dentist

Dr. Budolfson and her team believe in Preventive Care first, we want to educate our patients on the importance of taking care of your natural teeth, they need to last you a lifetime. Caring for your teeth through your daily  routine of brushing and flossing along with semi-annual cleanings is the most important work you can do. When problems do occur, and everyone will at some point experience a dental problem, is when Dr. Budolfson can help. We offer services in treating small problems including, tooth decay, inflammation, and infection or dental repairs with veneers or teeth whitening. We also offer services for larger problems including protecting weakened teeth with dental crowns, curing infection through root canal therapy, and even replacing one or multiple missing teeth with dental bridges, partial and full dentures, or dental implants.

Boise Dental Services

Located near Brown Mackie College, and the College of Western Idaho, we serve the Southwest Boise, ID area. For more information on the dental services that we provide or to setup an appointment, contact our Boise office today at 208-375-1012.