Painful Teeth Can Stem from Acid Erosion of Your Enamel

Acid erosion is a common cause of tooth decay, and it can lead to pain and sensitivity. Many people aren’t aware of the damaging effects of acid erosion, but protecting your teeth from it is essential to prevent discomfort and future oral health problems.

What is Acid Erosion?

Acid erosion is tooth wear that leads to irreversible loss of vital tooth structure. An acid-rich diet can put the enamel at risk of erosion, and as few as four acidic events throughout the day is all that it takes for the teeth to be affected. Even healthy food choices like fruit, salad dressings, and sparkling water are highly acidic and can attack the enamel.

How Does Acid Erosion Affect the Teeth?

If you consume a diet that is high in acidic foods and drinks, you might experience the effects of acid erosion. While you may not be able to see those effects on your own right away, we can look for signs at your regular dental visit. Some of the most common symptoms include pain and sensitivity. As the protective enamel of your teeth wears away, the underlying dentin will be exposed.

Your teeth may also change in appearance as a result of acid erosion. When the enamel wears away due to acid attacks, the yellow, dentin layer will become more visible. Teeth affected by acid erosion may lose their shine, and they could appear dull. Rounded edges are also common when the teeth are attacked by acid.

How Do You Prevent Acid Erosion?

There are a few steps that you can take to prevent acid erosion. Brush your teeth regularly, but always wait for at least 30 minutes after eating or drinking something acidic. Use a straw to divert acidic drinks away from your teeth.

Remember the importance of regular dental visits in protecting your teeth from acid. Call us today to set up your next appointment.