Tooth Colored Fillings

Most people feel some shame if they need to have a cavity filled. They think it means they did something wrong in the care of their teeth. They are worried that everyone will notice that they have fillings in their mouth. If they opt for the traditional silver fillings, this could be the case.

Silver fillings are often the cheapest option for a person to take. They are made of a silver amalgam and have been used for many years. They are okay when filling small cavities. They do not do as well when used to restore teeth that need larger fillings. The reason is fairly simple. The silver amalgam will not bond with teeth. It can also become brittle over time causing it to loosen or fall out completely. That is on top of the obvious look of having a bunch of silver amongst your pearly white teeth.

Turn to a Composite Filling

Instead of the silver filling, another option is to use a composite filling. The composite filling is a resin that is combined with other inorganic compounds. This type of filling can do a better job of filling the cavity, both large and small. The composite filling offers several advantages over other types of filling. It is more resistant to wear than other fillings, it can be adjusted for color, and it is easier to polish. The biggest advantage of the composite filling is its ability to bond with the tooth. That means the filling will completely fill the cavity. It will not shift around and it will not have any gaps in the filling that can cause problems. The composite filling is less prone to breaking or deteriorating over time.

The Appearance of a Composite Filling

To the dentists that use them, the factors of a composite filling that matter are the resistance to wear and the ability to bond to the teeth. To the individual with the filling, the ability to polish the filling and the ability to adjust the color are the most important factors. Dentists are able to color the composite filling in such a way that it matches the natural teeth of the person who needs it. The filling is not noticeable at all when it is done properly. Because it won’t break and because it can be easily cleaned and polished, it will retain that look for a long time. There is no need to be embarrassed about having fillings thanks to the tooth colored fillings.

Tooth colored fillings are growing in popularity. They do cost more than traditional silver amalgam fillings, but over the long term, they may actually save a person money. There is less likelihood of having to repair a filling that has been compromised. That also decreases the chance of having to endure more extensive procedures in the future.

Some dental professionals offer the composite filling, but it may have to be requested by the patient in other instances. Take the time to ask about the tooth colored filling and make sure that you understand exactly how it can benefit you.