Same Day Emergency Dental Care

Same day emergency dental care is for established patients only

There is nothing pleasant about a toothache. It can cause severe pain and many people find it hard to function when they have a toothache. They know they have to see a dentist to help relieve the pain, but a call to the office may not yield the results that they want. They are often told that the next available appointment is a couple of weeks away. It is not fun to have to live with the pain of a toothache for that long.

Breaking a tooth is not something that people plan on. They do not start out the day intending to be hit in the mouth and feel pieces of their teeth coming out. The pain that can come from broken teeth can also be difficult to bear. In addition to the affect it has on the appearance, a broken tooth can cause the same problems as a toothache.

The pain is only one thing that people need to think about with a toothache or broken tooth, or some other injury to their teeth and gums. The possibility of other problems should also be considered. There could be an infection that is causing the problem that is being felt by an individual. If the infection spreads, the problem can quickly become worse and may cause serious harm to the person that is suffering.

What is same day emergency dental care?

Instead of having to wait until the next appointment to deal with these issues and other emergent dental issues, it is better to turn to same day emergency dental care. This type of treatment is similar to what people will get in the emergency room of the hospital. A doctor will provide the treatment that is needed to stabilize the issue. Once that has been done, it is possible to come up with a restoration treatment plan that will deal with the problem on a more permanent basis.

It is possible to find same day emergency care in many different places and at all times of the day or night. It does mean that to get the care, you will have to see a dentist other than the regular dentist you see, however. As long as you are willing to accept that, you can get the help that you need.

Types of Emergency Care

The types of emergency dental care that can be provided will vary from one office to another. Limitations on what equipment is available will determine some of the things that can be done. Some of the common types of emergency treatment that people seek care for include:


Some may think that some of these conditions are not an actual emergency. They do not realize that these conditions can cause pain or they may cause other damage if left untreated. In today’s world of modern dentistry, there is no reason for anyone to suffer any longer than is absolutely necessary. That is what emergency dental care is for and people need to appreciate what it can do for them.