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How Gaps Between Your Teeth Can Harm Your Oral Health

When you smile, people instantly take note of your teeth. Dental imperfections, no matter how minor, can cause self-consciousness, making you make every attempt to hide your mouth. And a refusal to smile can negatively impact a person’s initial impression. Gaps between your teeth, while viewed by some as cute and endearing, are one of […]

How Dentists Can Help if You Snore

Snoring is not a normal sound that people make simply because they are in a deep sleep. Typically, snoring is a symptom of a much larger issue, and that is having trouble breathing while asleep. Letting your dentist know that you are having trouble with snoring may not make much sense, as most people think […]

Discreet Options for Keeping Your Teeth Clean While at Work

Oral hygiene is important. While the minimum recommendation is to brush your teeth twice a day (first thing in the morning and then again before bed), it never hurts to make an effort to keep your teeth during the day too. After all, you eat several meals and snacks in between brushing sessions. If you’re […]

Can a Cavity Be Left Without a Filling?

Typically, when a tooth develops a cavity, the dentist removes the decay and replaces it with a filling. But does that tooth need to have a filling in it? Most of the time, the answer is yes. The only way to keep the tooth’s integrity in place is by putting a filling where dense tooth […]