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Causes of Tooth Enamel Loss

Enamel erosion is a common condition that can cause irreversible damage to the teeth. There are many causes of tooth enamel loss, and by identifying them, you can take steps to avoid these issues. Acid Erosion Acid erosion is one of the leading causes of enamel loss. Excessive consumption of acidic foods like soda and […]

What Happens When We Notice Signs of Problems During an Exam?

When you come in and see us for a cleaning, we also perform an exam. This means that we look at each tooth individually, and we also look at x-rays regularly to look for the signs of any type of problem. The earlier a problem is spotted, the easier it is to treat. So, what […]

Your Saliva is Worth More Than You May Realize

A lot of people think that spit is gross. And it is–to a point. However, saliva is very valuable to your oral health. We know, spit and saliva are the same thing, but the saliva in your mouth is important. In fact, the saliva in your mouth is very important –not just to your oral […]

Why Sugar is So Harmful to Your Teeth

Chances are that you have been told since you were a young child that too much sugar is bad for your teeth. But why is that the case? And is there anything that can be done to keep your teeth healthy, even if you eat a lot of sugar? Sugar’s Effects Your mouth is filled […]

Symptoms You Have an Infected Root Canal

Many people list a root canal as one of the worst things they can go through, even though the procedure can be relatively quick and painless because we use local anesthesia. While we always try to take care of the infection carefully and we consider a root canal a routine procedure, there are times the […]