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Why Sugar is So Harmful to Your Teeth

Chances are that you have been told since you were a young child that too much sugar is bad for your teeth. But why is that the case? And is there anything that can be done to keep your teeth healthy, even if you eat a lot of sugar? Sugar’s Effects Your mouth is filled […]

Symptoms You Have an Infected Root Canal

Many people list a root canal as one of the worst things they can go through, even though the procedure can be relatively quick and painless because we use local anesthesia. While we always try to take care of the infection carefully and we consider a root canal a routine procedure, there are times the […]

How Oral Hygiene Changes As We Get Older?

As you age, your teeth will change, as will your oral hygiene needs. By better understanding how your mouth will change as you get older, you can take steps to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Beware of Dry Mouth Dry mouth is a condition that tends to develop with older age. Dry mouth occurs […]

What is Traveler’s Breath and How Do You Steer Clear of It?

People who travel frequently can add a lot of frequent flyer miles to their accounts, but they could also add something more unpleasant for them and those who sit close to them. Traveler’s breath is real and it affects those who move around from place to place for a living. No matter what cabin you’re […]

What is a Rubber Dam Used For?

We use a rubber dam in dentistry to isolate a tooth that needs treatment, usually for a root canal procedure. This thin sheet of latex helps our dentist perform the work more efficiently and is beneficial for our patients because it is more sterile than if not used. Benefits of Using a Rubber Dam When […]