Teeth Whitening

One of the first things that people notice about the models on television or in magazines is their pearly white smiles. Their teeth always seem to be incredibly bright. It is a look that many people desire, but are not sure how to achieve. Getting white teeth can be difficult. Teeth can be discolored as a result of the aging process, from the foods that are eaten, from habits such as smoking or drinking coffee, and even because of the environment that we live in. It can be very difficult to maintain the white teeth that everyone desires.

The first thing that people do to keep their teeth white is brush them on a regular basis. This is important, but it cannot work alone. Some will turn to toothpaste that have extra ingredients to help whiten the teeth and others will find products sold over the counter to whiten the teeth. These may or may not help. Even if they do work, they may not get the best results that people really want. It is fine to use these products, but if a person really wants bright, white teeth, they should turn to the dental professionals that offer teeth whitening so they can get the greatest results.

Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

There are many reasons that going to a professional for teeth whitening is the right choice. Professional teeth whitening is often referred to as power whitening. That is because the professionals have the tools and access to the teeth whitening bleaching gels that can produce better results. The agents that are used are a much higher concentration than the ones made for home use.

The other advantage offered by professional teeth whitening is the experience and knowledge of the process. The dental professionals do this more often than a person does in their home. They understand how the products work and they have access to the tools to apply them properly. The results they can produce are often more consistent because of this experience. A dental professional can also get results faster than the home products do. This can make up for the extra cost associated with professional teeth whitening.

Many do not realize the dangers involved in teeth whitening. When it is not done properly, it can cause many different problems. Chemicals are used in teeth whitening. Mistakes can be costly and using a professional to help with teeth whitening is considered to be much safer than doing it at home. Dental professional can also apply the teeth whitening bleaches in a way that will cause fewer problems for people with sensitive teeth.

Many people will not want to turn to professional teeth whitening because of the cost or because of the time involved. They look at the home treatments as cheaper and more convenient. That may be true, but the professional teeth whitening has much more to offer.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure. Whenever you choose to do a cosmetic procedure, you want to get the best results. You want something that will work the right way and will last a long time. That is what you get from professional teeth whitening.

Before You Whiten Your Teeth

If you have old fillings, crowns or need new fillings or crowns you should consider having these procedures done after whitening your teeth. Fillings and crowns sometimes need to be replaced and their replacements can be colored to match your teeth. The same goes for new fillings and crowns. Our dentists will take other scheduled procedures into account when whitening your teeth. Let us know if you have plans to do other procedures before we start the whitening process.