Partial Dentures

It would probably surprise people to find out that most adults by age 30 have either already lost at least one tooth or they will lose a tooth at some point in time in the near future. In fact, losing more than one tooth is very common. When a tooth is lost, a person has a few options.

  • Live With A Missing Tooth – It can affect their appearance and the function of their teeth, but for some, this is a minor issue.
  • Replace The Tooth With A Dental Implant – This is a surgical procedure that will give a permanent replacement with dental implant, but it can be expensive.
  • Get A Partial Denture – This is an affordable option that will satisfy most people.


Partial dentures are sometimes the best options. The best way to know if they will work for you is to understand what they are, how they are made, and what they offer.

What They Are

Different from a complete denture, a partial denture is made up of replacement teeth that are attached to a base that can resemble a person’s gums. The teeth can be put into place and removed for cleaning. When they are in place, they will look like the natural teeth and will function in the same way. Partial dentures can use bridges that are visible. The bridges are the pieces that connect the replacement teeth to the natural teeth. There are often small metal wires that may or may not be visible when put into place.

How They Are Made

Partial dentures are made and fitted over a series of visits to the dentist. The first visit will be used to remove any portions of the teeth that are still in place. This will be necessary if a person is getting the partial dentures to replace teeth that have been broken or chipped. Once the gums are prepared and healed from any procedures that have been done, the dentists will get an impression of the area that is needed. A wax mold will be created from the impression. The wax mold will be put into place and it will be adjusted to make sure that it fits well.

In addition to preparing the area where the teeth are missing, a partial denture will require preparation of the adjacent teeth. These teeth will be used to hold the appliance in place. Crowns can be fitted over the teeth so the bridges will be able to remain in place. The amount of work that is required for this will depend on the size of the partial denture and the condition of the individual’s teeth.

Once the teeth are prepared and the wax mold is properly fitted, a dental laboratory will make the partial denture. This will be fitted in the patient when it is ready. It may take a few appointments to make sure that the partial denture fits properly and functions the way that it is supposed to. The partial dentures can be adjusted during these appointments.

What Partial Dentures Offer

Partial dentures offer a great way to replace the teeth that are lost for any reason. They will replace the teeth and allow a person to improve their appearance and to improve the function of the teeth. They are easy to care for and they are affordable for most.