Night Guards

Night guards can be useful to many people. Night guards are mouth guards that are designed to separate the upper and lower teeth while a person is sleeping. Most people are not aware of what happens while they are sleeping.

Even though a person is not aware of what is happening while they sleep, others around them may notice. It is also possible a person will damage their teeth while they sleep. The easiest solution to the problems is the use of night guards.


Snoring is not something that most people want to deal with or admit that they do. Snoring can keep others in the house awake. It can also be something a person is ridiculed about. The people that snore may have difficulty getting a restful night’s sleep. It would be difficult to find anyone that wants to have a problem with snoring.

Night guards can help keep the mouth open while a person is sleeping. This will help keep their airway open. The more open the airway is, the less problem the snoring may be. The night guards are easy to put in and do not cause any problems while a person is sleeping. They may be the perfect solution for the problem of snoring.

Sleep Apnea

Like snoring, the night guards can help keep the airway open while a person is sleeping. If this solves the problem of sleep apnea, the individual will get a better night’s sleep and will awake more rested in the morning.

Teeth Grinding

Grinding the teeth while sleeping is the most common form of bruxism. Bruxism is just a medical term for teeth grinding. The grinding of the teeth at night can cause many different problems. Teeth can be worn down, they may break and chip or they may fracture. It is important for anyone that does grind their teeth to find some way to stop it or prevent it. Night guards can keep the teeth from grinding against each other.

Teeth grinding will also disturb others. It can make noise that disturbs anyone that is nearby. Night guards will keep the teeth safe and protected and limit the noise that a person makes when grinding the teeth.

Night Guard Appliances

There are generic night guards that can be found, but these will not work in the same way that the night guards a dental professional makes. The dentist will take a mold of the individual’s teeth. They will make a casting from this mold that will match the person’s teeth. They will then use the material decided upon to make the night guard from the casting. They will smooth the night guard down, polish it and make sure it is a proper fit.

The night guard made by the dentist will be a custom fit. It will be made to conform around the individual’s bite. This will allow the night guard to give the most protection and it will give the most help for problems such as snoring and sleep apnea. It does not take long to get a night guard made and there is no pain or discomfort resulting from this preventative measure. The only thing that this does is put smiles on the face of those that use the night guards and the people around them.