Mouth Guards

During your lifetime you will go through two sets of teeth. The baby teeth are the first to come in. As they fall out, they are replaced with the final set of adult teeth. Those adult teeth can start coming in as early as 5 years of age. That means that if you plan on living a long life, the adult teeth are going to have to last a long time.

Good oral hygiene can help prevent problems such as tooth decay and cavities. It can prevent gum disease and other issues. It can also help keep the teeth strong, which can also help to protect the teeth. While oral hygiene is an important part of maintaining your natural teeth, it cannot do it alone. There are still accidents that can happen that cause problems for your teeth.

Sports Guards

People can damage their teeth in many ways. Sports can be dangerous. Look at the hockey players who have had a long career and you will soon find out what can happen when your teeth are not well protected. It may not be possible to prevent teeth from being broken or damaged in an accident or while playing a sport, but it is possible to protect them so that the chances of that occurrence are lower.

Mouth guards are one of the best ways to protect the teeth. Anyone that has watched a football game has seen the players using mouth guards. Mouth guards are simply something that fits over your teeth and adds an additional layer of protection. It is possible to go to a sporting goods store and find a mouth guard that you can use. The problem with these is that they are a one size fits all piece of equipment.

Custom Mouth Guards

It should not surprise people to find out that everyone’s teeth are a little bit different. Using a piece of protection that is designed to fit anyone will not offer the best possible protection. Instead, a trip to the dentist can help a person get a mouth guard that will really help protect the teeth.

The mouth guards created by a dental professional are custom fit to the individual. A casting is made of an individual’s bite and teeth to make sure that the mouth guard will fit properly. The material that is used to make the mouth guard will be of a higher quality. The mouth guard will help keep an individual’s teeth in place while also offering them protection from any objects that may hit and injure the teeth. It is possible to get mouth guards for both the bottom and the top teeth.


Since the mouth guards are a custom fit, it is necessary to have them checked from time to time to make sure they are still fitting properly. If there are any changes to the bite, it may be time to replace the mouth guard with a new one. That will allow the mouth guard to work the way it is supposed to all of the time.

Getting a mouth guard is easy and painless. During the visit, a mold will be made of the teeth. That mold will be used to make a casting form, which the actual mouth guard can be made from. The process does not take much time and offers a much higher level of protection than store bought mouth guards.