Why do we Extract Teeth?

Your natural teeth are the best way to keep your mouth functioning normally and to keep the structure of your face intact. Sometimes, however, extracting teeth are necessary in order to ensure the health of your mouth. If we are unable to save a natural tooth, we will extract it for you and provide you with options for tooth replacement. Typically, we do what we can to save the tooth, but certain situations, such as the following, make it impossible:

Excessive decay – If decay gets so bad that the tooth is not able to be rectified or the nerves are also decayed, the tooth will need to be removed. Before we remove it, however, a root canal and dental crown will be considered as that is the only way to save an excessively decayed tooth.
Trauma – If trauma to the mouth occurs, oftentimes the roots die, which means that the tooth must be removed.
Impacted tooth – If a tooth cannot get through the gums due to it being impacted, it may need to be removed. This typically happens to wisdom teeth, but can occur throughout your mouth for various reasons.
Infection – If you have an infection in your mouth that has affected the tooth beyond the surface, you may need to have it removed. We typically perform a root canal first or use antibiotic therapy to try to cure the infection, but if it is too severe, the infection can spread, putting the integrity of the rest of your mouth at risk.

If you have questions regarding tooth extraction, please call our office today!