What to Know About Your First Set of Dentures

Getting your first set of dentures is a process that is both freeing and challenging. It is freeing because you may have become used to limping along with only a few teeth, and suddenly you will have a full set of teeth again.

You’ll be able to enjoy foods that you may have given up on, and if your speech was affected by tooth loss, you’ll be able to speak normally again.

It can also be a little bit of a challenge getting your first set of dentures. To be sure, it will be a new experience, and you may have to spend a bit of time learning how to adapt to them.

Start Slowly

When it comes to eating with your new dentures, you may very well be tempted to run out and get a big steak. While this is understandable – particularly if you haven’t been able to enjoy that type of food for a long time – it is also a mistake.

Start with foods that are soft and easy to chew. You are going to have to re-learn how to chew, and you want to do whatever you can to minimize the chances of complications. While you don’t necessarily have to restrict yourself to soups and yogurt, you will want to start with foods that are softer and don’t require so much chewing.
As time passes you will get used to chewing with your dentures. Then you can move on to other foods that you enjoy.

Remember to Use Both Sides

Many people, when using their first set of dentures, get into the habit of chewing on only one side of the mouth. This can cause uneven wear and tear on the dentures. It can also create jaw issues because of the uneven pressure on different sides of the jaw. Focus on using both sides. Eventually this will become a habit.

Congratulations on your first set of dentures! Keep the above tips in mind, and soon you’ll be using them as easily as you used your natural teeth.