What Happens When We Notice Signs of Problems During an Exam?

When you come in and see us for a cleaning, we also perform an exam. This means that we look at each tooth individually, and we also look at x-rays regularly to look for the signs of any type of problem.

The earlier a problem is spotted, the easier it is to treat. So, what happens if we notice the signs of a problem when we do that exam? The truth is, it depends on the problem we spot.

How to Figure Out the Next Step If Problems Are Noticed

When looking at your teeth, there are many signs of problems we could spot. Do we see signs of acid erosion? If so, then we will talk with you about your diet and brushing habits. We may also suggest things like sealing some of your teeth to help prevent problems from acid.

If we spot the earliest signs of bruxism, then we will likely just talk with you about what we see and how to prevent the problem from getting worse. If the signs quickly develop into something more serious, we will then figure out the best treatment options for you, including an oral appliance or even helping you to manage your stress.

When the early signs point to a cavity, we will usually clean the area out and fill it. If the problem is small, we can sometimes fix it at the same time as your appointment. If not, we will schedule a time for you to come back in the next few days to fill it in.

Some problems need immediate attention, while others need for us to keep an eye on them to see if they get worse. We will always make sure you know what is going on, but we may have to wait to see if a problem gets worse or stays where it is before deciding on if it needs treatment.