Types of Tea That Can Improve Oral Hydration

A dry mouth can lead to a variety of dental problems. The best way to prevent these problems from happening is to keep your mouth hydrated. There are several things you can turn to for help with this. The question becomes what the best way is to keep and improve your oral hydration. Some believe the answer to this question is found in different types of tea. Learning the right types of tea to do this can help improve your oral health.

The Importance of Oral Hydration

Saliva in the mouth is very important. Some people may not like it when they have an excess amount of saliva. They are constantly swallowing it or spitting it out. While you may not like the saliva in your mouth, it does play an important role in your oral health.

The saliva helps remove the bacteria that is always growing in the mouth. People who do not have the saliva they need deal with a dry mouth. Dry mouth can cause more bacteria to grow and that can lead to a variety of problems including tooth decay, gum disease and cavities.

Turning to Tea

Tea is more than just a liquid that fights dry mouth. Black and green tea contains polyphenols which can help with your oral health. They can fight the bacteria that grows in the mouth and that can slow down the production of saliva.

While black and green teas can help with oral hydration through the chemicals they contain, fruit teas will not help because they are not technically a tea. They do not contain the same chemicals and nutrients found in black or green tea.

Like many things while black and green tea can help with oral hydration, moderation is the key. Drinking too much tea means consuming more caffeine and ends up losing some of the health benefits you hoped to get from the tea.

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