Trying to Lose Weight? Don’t Forget to Protect Your Teeth

Are you trying to lose weight to improve your appearance and make your body healthier? This is a great goal, but your weight loss efforts should never be at the expense of your teeth. Make sure that you are following some important steps to lose weight while also protecting your oral health.

Be Wary of Smoothies and Juicing

Many diets recommend drinking smoothies and juicing, as this is a great way to consume nutritious vegetables and fruits while feeling full. However, you need to remember that fruit juices contain high amounts of sugar, so if you do drink one, be sure to brush your teeth afterwards. You can also make vegetables the primary component of your juice in order to reduce your risk.

Stay Hydrated

In any diet, it is crucial that you are staying hydrated by drinking enough water. This is especially true when trying to protect your teeth, as changing up your eating habits can reduce your salivary flow. Compensating with extra water can help to wash acid and bacteria away from your teeth.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Moderation is important when it comes to dieting and keeping your teeth healthy. Some diets will cut out necessary parts of your nutritional requirements, leaving your teeth at risk for wear and decay. Make sure that you are getting enough dairy in your diet

Remember that Diet-Friendly Doesn’t Mean Tooth-Friendly

There are certain snacks and foods that are diet-friendly, but they might not be tooth-friendly. Diet soda is a good example, as it is calorie-free but is also hard on the teeth. If you are a diet soda drinker, drink it all at once rather than sipping on it throughout the day. You should also be careful when it comes to dried fruits, nuts, and citrus fruits.

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