Stop Using your Teeth as a Tool!

Biting-Duct-Tape-IdahoLogoYour teeth might seem like a good option to rip a tag off of something or open a bag of chips, but when it comes with the cost of needing an emergency dental appointment, you might think again. Your teeth were meant to chew strictly food, not hard objects and definitely not as a way to open things. If you use your teeth, you put them at risk for chipping, breaking and becoming unsightly. Opening a bottle with your teeth, for example, is a great way to break a tooth completely. Ripping off a price tag or opening a bag of chips, may just wear away the enamel – which can be unsightly, giving you an uneven look when you smile.

Keep your Natural Teeth Strong

At Idaho Family Dental, we have methods to fix broken, cracked or chipped teeth, but it’s best to avoid having to perform those treatments. Fillings, crowns or bridges are not exact replicas of your natural tooth. Yes, you will not have a large gap in your mouth nor will you be in any pain, but you will not have the same function that your original teeth once provided. It is a different story when a tooth cracks due to illness or disease, but when it occurs as a result of using it as a tool, something that it was not meant to be used for, it can be very upsetting to need a replacement.

The next time you think about using your teeth to pry something open, think of the consequences. Do you want to end up with a fake tooth just to get that bottle open? You might reconsider your options and look for the appropriate tool to get the job done.