Reasons you have Bad Breath

Have you ever been utterly embarrassed by the bad breath that you have? Maybe you have tried everything, from changing mouthwashes to brushing your teeth right after eating, to no avail. There are many reasons why you could be dealing with bad breath, but some of the most common are often the most overlooked:

  • Poor lifestyle habits – If you smoke or chew tobacco, you are putting germs in your mouth that provide the unpleasant odor that you give off
  • Incorrect dental hygiene – Even if you brush your teeth and floss every day, if you are not doing it right, you could still suffer from bad breath as the harmful bacteria will still lie in your mouth
  • Infection – Sometimes dental infections, such as gum disease and tooth decay will give off a very foul odor that cannot be eliminated with even the best oral hygiene habits
  • Offensive foods – Of course, we all know that onions and garlic give you bad breath for what seems like days on end
  • Not drinking enough – Dehydration can be a culprit too because it allows the germs to sit in your mouth rather than be washed away, putting your oral health at risk and your reputation at stake

If you have bad breath, come see us so that we can help you pinpoint the reason. Sometimes it is due to illness, which means we need to help you find out what it is. If it is due to your lifestyle or diet habits, we will help you determine what you should change in order to make the bad breath go away!

Please call us for an appointment to get rid of your bad breath today!