What is the Problem with Teeth That Don’t Erupt?

If you have a tooth that just never erupts through your gums, that’s no big deal, right? Actually, that can be quite a big deal. A tooth that is unable to erupt can lead to problems with other teeth, and can even lead to an infection in your mouth where the tooth is stuck.

If you have teeth that are unable to erupt, you need to go in and see your dentist as soon as possible.

The sooner they can begin treating those teeth to help them erupt, the less likely you are to face long-term problems with your teeth.

When a Tooth Get Stuck, It Can Push on Everything Around It

An impacted tooth is going to keep trying to push its way out. This means that it will shove your other teeth around to erupt into your mouth. If the tooth cannot erupt simply because there is no space, this can damage the teeth around where it wants to come in. However, if the tooth is coming in at the wrong angle, this can be a lot more problematic.

Many impacted, or stuck, teeth that are not able to erupt are angled the wrong direction. That is what is causing the tooth to be stuck in the first place. If that tooth continues to push its way in, it could damage the teeth in its path. Consider what could happen if the angle of that tooth was straight into the roots of a nearby tooth. This could damage the root of the tooth and cause the tooth to die, leading to much larger problems.

If you have a tooth that cannot erupt, make sure you contact our office about it as soon. Take the time to figure out what can be done, and treat the problem before it gets out of hand.