Pain Isn’t the Only Reason to Get a Dental Filling

Many people are under the impression that the only time a tooth needs to be fixed is if it hurts. It is certainly true that a tooth that is becoming painful might require a dental filling in order to fix it, but there are other times when you will want to seek out dental treatment. Sensitivity is another issue that could warrant treatment, as the nerve within your tooth could be affected and might need root canal therapy in order to fully alleviate the problem.

In other cases, you may have a small cavity in which you don’t experience pain, or a small problem a chip or crack might not cause you any discomfort but still needs to be addressed. Some people believe that as long as their tooth is hurting them, they can ignore the problem. In other cases, the pain will come and go, so you might believe that the problem has resolved itself.

Unfortunately, if there is an infection in the nerve, the bacteria could continue to damage the tooth until the nerve dies. The tooth and nerve may continue to rot, but because it is dead, it won’t sense pain.

In addition to pain, there are a variety of other reasons that you might want to see a dentist. If you are troubled by the appearance of your smile due to discoloration, crooked teeth, or gaps, cosmetic dentistry options can help. Problems with your gums like recession, swelling, and bleeding need to be addressed by a dentist, and your dental office can also address problems like grinding, clenching, ulcers, and bad breath.

Do you have a concern about your dental health that you need to address? Whether you are experiencing pain or not, contact our office we can examine your unique dental issue and provide suggestions on available treatment options.