Does One Tooth Cause Issues in Your Mouth? If So, Call Your Dentist

Canker-SoresNot everyone is comfortable going to the dentist for something minor, but it is important that you go in each time you have a problem. Even if you find that only a single tooth is bugging you, you need to call your dentist right away.

The longer you leave even one tooth unattended if there is an issue, the higher the chances become that you will end up with a bigger problem than if you would have gone in straight away.

What One Sore Tooth Could Mean

A single sore tooth could mean many different things. It could be something as simple as a small cavity, or it could be the signs that your tooth pulp has become infected.

You may have a single tooth that is suffering from enamel erosion and sensitivity is becoming a part of your normal routine, or you could have a tooth that has a bit of decay on the side of it from something you ate or drank that got stuck between your teeth.

The only way for your dentist to know what is going on is for them to take a good look in your mouth. They may only need to do a quick exam to see what the problem is, or they may need to do some x-rays to be able to see what is going on inside that problematic tooth.

Don’t dismiss something you are feeling just because it is only one tooth. One tooth can do a lot to the other teeth in your mouth if it is left unattended, and you could end up with numerous teeth that are all having problems if that single tooth is left alone for too long. Contact our office today, and get that one little issue taken care of before it gets bigger.