We’re Getting High Tech With Laser Dentistry


Technology is ever-evolving in any industry and dentistry is no exception. We were ecstatic to be able to offer laser dentistry when we opened our doors this year with three state of the art dental lasers. However, Dr. Budolfson is even more excited about the technology after completing her certification course in Dallas, TX this month. Laser dentistry allows us to eliminate shots, anesthesia and even pain! Imagine coming in for a filling without leaving numb. We love the productivity and ease of use. You will love the process and the pain free results. Advancements in dentistry are always being made in order to provide a better experience and outcome for the patient and we strive to stay on top of new innovations to offer the best experience for our patients too. If you want to hear more about laser dentistry, we are happy to share our wealth of knowledge on the subject! Make an appointment today!