Keeping your Child’s Teeth Healthy at School

Boy-with-glasses-and-multi-color-shirt-looking-up-2During the school year it can seem difficult to keep a good handle on your child’s oral health. When they eat lunch and snacks away from home, you might feel as if you do not have any control – but you do. There are simple ways that you can help enhance your child’s oral health no matter how far away you might be:

Pack healthy foods – This goes without saying, but skipping the cookies and adding fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are a much better way to preserve your child’s oral health. Allowing a sugary snack at school when they do not have access to their toothbrush can foster tooth decay faster than you think.

Pack water – Encourage your child to drink water not only with his meal but throughout the day. If the school allows it, provide your child with a reusable bottle of water on a daily basis and encourage him to drink it throughout the day to keep his production of saliva up and the food particles out of his mouth.

Brush your child’s teeth before school – Make sure brushing their teeth is the last thing that your child does before leaving for school. This ensures that any food that was consumed in the morning has been removed, avoiding the creation of bacteria and plaque throughout the day.

When your child returns home after school, encourage them to not only wash their hands, but also brush their teeth. This will help to remove any remaining food particles and plaque that might have built up throughout the day while you were not there to monitor food intake.