When Food Gets Caught Under Your Gums

You’re at the movies checking out the latest action film you’ve been dying to see, when suddenly you get popcorn stuck in your teeth. While you are able to extract it with your tongue, you find that some of it has been wedged under your gums, and despite all of your efforts, you aren’t able to get it out. Obviously, you can’t let it stay there forever, so what should you do?

Use a Toothpick –Carefully

A toothpick is a useful tool in removing food from tight spaces in your mouth, but when debris is under the gums, it is important that you use a toothpick carefully.

Jabbing at your gums too hard could cause soft tissue damage, and regular tooth pick use could cause the enamel of your teeth to be damaged. Make sure that if you do use toothpicks that you do so infrequently and only when food is lodged in the teeth or under the gums.

Brush Your Teeth

Even if food is underneath your gums, brushing your teeth in that region can help. The brushing motion can help to loosen foods from the gums, and once it has been freed, brushing will help to remove any bacteria that may have accumulated in the area to prevent decay and gingivitis.

Try Flossing

Flossing could also help to get food particles out from under your gum line. Concentrate on the suspected problem area and floss gently using a back and forth motion. Press gently into the gums. If the area becomes infected due to the presence of the foreign body, it may start to bleed, but flossing will actually help to cure the infection.

If the food particle is stubborn and stays lodged under your gums for several days, contact our office to set up an appointment with your dentist. He can use specialized tools to get that food item out of there for good.