Do All Chipped Teeth Need to Get Treated?

Many people who have chipped teeth don’t seek out correction, because they only see a chipped tooth as a cosmetic issue. However, chipped teeth can be disastrous to the longevity of your dental health in some circumstances. No matter the damage to a tooth, it’s always important to get our opinion on whether the damage needs to be repaired or not.

Chipped teeth pose many problems to your dental health because of a few factors. The first factor is the unevenness it creates on the surfaces of your tooth. Teeth usually have a relatively smooth surface without many spaces for bacteria to sit inside. This makes brushing effective at removing the bacteria, because it can’t settle into any hard to reach spaces. Chipped teeth often make it more difficult to effectively clean your teeth.

Why You Must Have A Chipped Tooth Repaired

Another reason to have a chipped tooth repaired is because of the potential pain it could cause. Right after you chip a tooth, the pain is usually unbearable, but given enough time it goes away and you feel normal again. However, chipped teeth pose the problem of not providing enough protection to the sensitive tissue and nerves underneath the tooth. Bacteria will eat away at the chipped tooth getting closer and closer to the tissue eventually causing extreme pain and possible infection, making it necessary to perform a serious dental procedure like a root canal.

The final reason to get a chipped tooth repaired is to make sure your bite is even and flat. When you bite down, all of your teeth are supposed to fit together evenly and snugly, but with a chipped tooth this can be impossible. It may not seem like that big of a deal, however, over time it can cause a lot of issues.

Luckily, fixing a chipped tooth is usually an easy and painless process. We can help you with your chipped tooth if you give us a call.