Dietary Changes That Can Slow Tooth Sensitivity

There are things that can cause you to have tooth sensitivity and then there are things you can do to slow it down and reduce the pain resulting from sensitive teeth. There is one thing for sure that can slow down tooth sensitivity, and that is a diet change.

You can modify the foods you eat to ease the pain caused by sensitive teeth. Here are some dietary changes you can make to ease the pain caused by sensitive teeth.

Reduce Food and Drink That Can Cause Erosion

Acidic foods, including those with citric acid in them, can cause sensitive teeth. This happens because these foods strip down the protein that protects your dentin in your teeth. Try to reduce foods and drinks with acid in them such as fruit and citrus juices.

Eat More Oxalate Rich Foods

There are foods that contain oxalate in them, and some of these include rhubarb, spinach, and bananas. The fuzzy feeling you get on your teeth after eating one of these foods is oxalate increasing the protection of your teeth and reducing sensitivity.

Increase Dairy Products Into Your Diet

By eating more foods with dairy in them, you are reducing the risk of sensitivity in your teeth which in turn, reduces pain when eating cold and hot foods and drinking the same type of drinks. The reason for these kinds of foods, such as milk, yogurt, and cheese being good for your teeth is not just the calcium but something called casein that can increase the amount of the protective layer over the dentin on your teeth.

By limiting those, you should not have, and by increasing those things that make your teeth stronger, you will feel a lot better by not going through any more pain caused by sensitive teeth. Contact us for more information on anything else you can do to get rid of sensitive teeth.