How Dentists Can Help if You Snore

Snoring is not a normal sound that people make simply because they are in a deep sleep. Typically, snoring is a symptom of a much larger issue, and that is having trouble breathing while asleep.

Letting your dentist know that you are having trouble with snoring may not make much sense, as most people think of telling their doctor first.

However, your dentist is actually the go-to person to help with snoring in most cases. Plus, they can help protect your teeth if you are snoring with your mouth open.

Your Dentist Wants to Know if You Snore

Snoring is a signal that there is a problem. Usually the problem is that you have too much tissue between your sinuses and your lungs, somewhere. This tissue is vibrating when you sleep, causing the noise we know as snoring. Sometimes the problem is congestion of the nose, while other times, people are actually in the early stages of sleep apnea when they snore. If the trouble is from a breathing issue, your dentist can help.

The main thing they can do is to help protect your teeth during this time. Most people do not realize how much damage can happen when your mouth stays open during the night. Your saliva is meant to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy all night.

If it is all dried up off of your teeth and gums, then caries and gum disease can run rampant in your mouth. Sleep night guards can help hold your jaw open the right way to alleviate the issue with too much tissue, and can keep your mouth moist while you sleep, keeping you healthier.

If you have been told by a loved one, or even a neighbor, that you snore, contact our office. They can help you get better sleep, and stay healthier, too.