Dear Parents of College Students


This one is for those of you with college students! You made it through the K-12 years and whatever came with it- sports, clubs, homework, friends, lessons, growing, excitements, disappointments, summers, falls, holidays, and then graduation and future planning… And now they’re on their own. Kind of.

Your college student may be getting ready to be living on their own or making their own schedule now but personal health tends to slide down the list of priorities during this busy time in a young adult’s life. Consumption of coffee and sugary drinks may be on the rise along with the looming possibility of wisdom teeth needing to be removed, but this does not mean that a routine teeth cleaning will be at the forefront of your college student’s mind. Don’t forget to send those gentle reminders (or appointment dates) their way. Teeth whitenings are also a common need (okay – desire) for college students. Ask us for details! We look forward to seeing your adult in training soon!