Dangers of Chewing Ice Go Beyond Your Teeth

To combat eating too much and snacking, there are many people who enjoy chewing ice as it tends to satisfy a lot of cravings. However, ice is of course quite hard and this can end up causing a lot of issues with your teeth.

Dental damage is probably one of the biggest issues, but there are also a lot of problems that can occur which go beyond your oral health. So, before you start chewing ice make sure that you keep this in mind!

What Chewing Ice Can Do To Your Teeth

Strangely enough, chewing ice can be seen as an addiction. It is not an addiction that is as harmful as alcoholism or smoking cigarettes, however there are still risks involved. Damage can occur to the enamel, and end up chipping the tooth or even causing problems with previous dental work.

It can cause filling to come out. In addition, due to the extreme temperature of ice you can end up increasing the sensitivity of your teeth.

Chewing Ice: Problems That Go Beyond the Teeth

The actual motion of chewing ice can cause problems that go well beyond the teeth. A lot of these issues will often occur with the jaw, simply due to the fact that you are overusing it. This can then lead to tender muscles, which can also start to cause migraines. Some pieces of ice can be incredibly sharp and this will cause issues with your gums, such as piercing them and causing permanent damage. Chewing on ice can also end up making you ignore a potential mineral deficiency.

If chewing ice is something you do regularly, you may want to contact our office. We’re more than happy to help and advise you on better, healthier alternatives.