Dangers Associated with an Oral Piercing and Your Teeth

Many people consider body piercings as a form of facial expressions. While piercings to your tongue might look cool and trendy, they still pose some dangers to your overall health and wellbeing. This is because our mouths are filled with bacteria. On top of that, swelling and infections tend to occur when we have mouth piercings.

For example, because of the piercing, your tongue or mouth might swell such that it might end up closing your airways. Alternatively, you could choke if the piercings decide to break off inside your mouth. In other instances, you might crack a tooth in case you choose to bite too hard on your piercings. Moreover, repeated clicking of the jewelry against the teeth might cause damage as well.

Oral piercings might also lead to several serious infections such as endocarditis and hepatitis.

Common Dangers of Oral Piercings

Swelling, Pain, And Infection
Your mouth happens to be a moist environment, and thus, it’s home to a significant number of bacteria. This, in turn, makes it an excellent place for infections. Oral infection may quickly end up becoming life-threatening when it’s not treated promptly. There are chances that a piercing might cause the tongue to swell, thereby blocking your airways.

Damage To Teeth, Fillings, And Gums

A habit of playing or biting on piercings might injure our gums and in turn, leading to sensitive, cracked or scratched teeth.

Nerve Damage

After undergoing a piercing, you might develop a numb tongue that’s a result of nerve damage that’s usually temporary. However, there are instances when it can be permanent. An injured nerve might affect how you move your mouth and also your sense of taste.

If you have any signs of infections in your mouth, then make a point of reaching out to us. Some of the signs that you should look out for include fever, pain, chills, red-streaked appearance, and shaking.