How Having Crooked Teeth Impacts Your Oral Health

A perfect smile is important to one’s self-image. Not everyone is perfect. There are many people who have crooked teeth that takes away from their smile.

Crooked teeth can create emotional problems for an individual. They do not want others to look at them and judge them because they have crooked teeth.

The emotional problems are only one thing to consider. There are also health issues associated with crooked teeth.

Common Health Problems

It will come as a surprise to many the number of ways that crooked teeth can impact one’s health. The most common problems that a person runs into include:

  • Difficulty Cleaning – Crooked teeth can make it hard for a person to effectively clean their teeth. That can lead to more bacteria that can lead to tooth decay and cavities.
  • Bad Breath – The additional bacteria can lead to foul smelling breath.
  • Tooth wear – Crooked teeth can expose them to more wear than normal.
  • Cracked or damaged teeth – Crooked teeth that protrude are more prone to chips and cracks.
  • Hard to chew – When the teeth are out of position, chewing is often more difficult.
  • Gum Disease – Gums are not always secured as well with crooked teeth. This leads to more space for bacteria to grow, which can lead to problems with gum disease.
  • Overall Health – If crooked teeth result in more bacteria in the body, there are dangers to one’s overall health. The bacteria can lead to heart related disease, diabetes and other health problems.


If a person is not convinced they need to do something about their crooked teeth to fix their image, they should take some time and learn about the health risks associated with crooked teeth.

These are things that are easy to avoid if a person takes the time to discuss the possibilities without dental staff.  If you want to know how we can help with this or any other dental issues, please give us a call and we will answer your questions.