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Do All Chipped Teeth Need to Get Treated?

Many people who have chipped teeth don’t seek out correction, because they only see a chipped tooth as a cosmetic issue. However, chipped teeth can be disastrous to the longevity of your dental health in some circumstances. No matter the damage to a tooth, it’s always important to get our opinion on whether the damage […]

Is Tea the Key to Better Oral Health?

Tea is a product that not many people think about when it comes to better overall health. Green tea especially can provide the user with many benefits that they would not be able to get from other types of beverages that they drink – even water! There are many benefits to drinking green tea for […]

How You Can Tell When Your Tooth Has a Cavity

Having a cavity comes with one of the biggest and most noticed signs out there – pain! When you have a cavity, you will notice that when you chew, talk or when you try to drink something that is hot or cold, the tooth that has the cavity is going to give you a lot […]

The Importance of Caring for the Elderly’s Teeth

As our loved ones age and are placed into nursing homes, oftentimes the first thing to get overlooked is their oral health. Because the status of a person’s teeth can greatly affect their overall health, this concern needs to be addressed. Your elderly loved ones need proper tooth brushing as well as regular dental appointments […]

Stop Using your Teeth as a Tool!

Your teeth might seem like a good option to rip a tag off of something or open a bag of chips, but when it comes with the cost of needing an emergency dental appointment, you might think again. Your teeth were meant to chew strictly food, not hard objects and definitely not as a way […]