Can Your Dentist Help with Your Headaches?

If you suffer from regular tension headaches or migraines, you know the devastating effect that they can have on your life. Severe headaches can be debilitating, causing you to miss work and making it difficult for you to care for your family. While there are a variety of treatment options out there that may be able to provide you with some relief, there is one stop that many people fail to make – their dentist’s office.

Headaches and TMJ Disorder

Many headaches are actually caused by dysfunction with the temporomandibular joint. The headache symptoms typically originate from the pressure caused by an uneven bite, and your dentist may be able to recommend the use of an orthotic device in order to eliminate or reduce this pain.

The most popular treatment option recommended by dentists is known as a bite splint or an oral splint, and these appliances are worn similarly to a mouth guard. They will help to correct your bite so that there is no longer a problem with the proper functioning of the TMJ, and they can also minimize clenching and grinding that can further aggravate the joint and cause headaches.

Headaches and Malocclusion

Additionally, malocclusion, or misaligned bite, could also be the cause of dental headaches. When your teeth aren’t aligned properly, the chewing surfaces won’t meet appropriately when the jaw is shut. This will cause the muscles of your jaw to need to constantly overcompensate for this imbalance, and the end result is soreness and pain that radiates from your jaw throughout your entire head.

A variety of things can cause a misaligned bite, including previous dental work, incoming wisdom teeth, and orthodontics, and your dentist can recommend treatment options to better align your teeth to prevent these issues.

If you feel that your headaches may be the result of a problem with your teeth, contact our office to set up an evaluation.