How You Can Tell When Your Tooth Has a Cavity

Having a cavity comes with one of the biggest and most noticed signs out there – pain! When you have a cavity, you will notice that when you chew, talk or when you try to drink something that is hot or cold, the tooth that has the cavity is going to give you a lot of pain.

This is because the tooth has decay that has reached into the pulp that is causing the pain to happen.

Seek Out the Help of a Dentist

When you think you have a cavity, the first thing you should do is contact your dentist.

If you notice sensitivity to warm and cold foods or liquids, or even the air you breath in, then you might have a cavity.

Also, when you apply any type of suction to the inside of your mouth, like try to drink through a straw or trying to suck small food particles out from between your teeth, you will feel an odd sensation or discomfort, you might have a cavity.

Even superficial cavities can sometimes cause a lot of pain in the mouth for most people. This is why it is important to have regular checkups and follow good oral hygiene practices.

The first thing will do is remove the damaged and infected areas of the tooth, typically through a root canal. Once the root canal procedure has been completed, we will then fill the cavity with a resin or other filling material to strengthen the tooth.

If you think you have a cavity that needs to be looked at, give us a call today. Our dentists can take a look to find out if you need to have a filling. We can ensure that you are comfortable during the entire procedure and also make sure that the tooth does not present any more pain than it has too.