Can Sedation Dentistry Remove Dental Fears from Your Life?

Sedation dentistry is the use of medication during procedures to ensure the patient is calm and relaxed. Sedation dentistry can be particularly useful for people who experience anxieties before dental procedures. Our surgical dentists are trained to administer anesthesia.

The anesthesia can range from mild oral sedation where the patient is relaxed but fully conscious, to deep sedation where the patient is completely unconscious during the procedure.

The different types of sedation have varying applications in the dental field. Here is how sedation dentistry can help.

Overcoming Fears with Sedation

Statistics show that as many as 75% of Americans experience some form of anxiety before visiting the dentist. The causes of these fears range from mild to severe. Some patients are afraid about exposing the condition of their teeth and gums to their dentists.

Other patients are easily irritated and distracted by the sound of the dental drill. Some patients have phobias so severe that they opt to avoid visiting the dentist altogether, even if their teeth is rotting or aching. Our dentists can prescribe a suitable sedation medication after analyzing the causes of your fear and the procedure you are about to undergo. Longer procedures may require deep or sleep sedation.

Faster Dental Procedures

With sedation dentistry the time it takes to complete procedures is shorter. By addressing these fears sedation allows dentists to complete the procedures in a shorter time since the patient is relaxed, calm, and not easily distracted.

Sedation Dentistry Limitations

Our dentists also recognize that sedation dentistry cannot solve all problems associated with anxiety. It is also important for dentists to talk to their patients and explain to them the process in order to reassure them before any procedure begins.

Qualified dentists are trained to handle patients and make them feel comfortable. Do not let fear stand in the way of your oral health. If you need more information about sedation dentistry call us today.