Can Burping Damage Your Teeth?

Burping is gross habit, and if you can’t control it, it can be embarrassing. Not only that, but burping can be the sign of a greater medical condition like acid reflux, especially if you also experience painful heartburn.

Additionally, burping can be bad news for the teeth, so if you find that you are burping frequently, you may want to consult with both your primary care physician and your dentist.

Fortunately, if you do find that you are burping quite frequently, there are ways that you can protect your teeth and to try and reduce the frequency with which you belch:

• Avoid gas-causing foods. There are certain foods that are bound to give your digestive tract a hard time and lead to gas. Beans, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts are just a few that you should avoid.

• Eat and drink slowly. If you are constantly eating and drinking on the go without sitting down to enjoy what you are actually putting in your mouth, you are likely eating too fast. Chugging down your drinks and eating too quickly can result in a lot of air entering your stomach, and the end result could be belching.

• Cut back on soda. Soda is bad or your teeth anyways, but when it comes to belching, this fizzy drink can result in an entirely different problem. Soda will add gas to your stomach, and eventually, it will need to escape.

• Cut back on acidic foods. Coffee, citrus fruits, and tomatoes are highly acidic, and consuming these foods and drinks will make acid reflux disease even worse. Cutting back on these foods will reduce wear on the enamel of your teeth while also cutting down on your burping.

If trying these strategies do not help, please contact us today. There may be more effective treatments for your acid reflux that can help.