Calling a Dentist Should Happen Right After Any Oral Injury

Oral injury can result following an accident, fall or any other type of trauma to the mouth. They are Lacerations to the gums are not uncommon. Nevertheless, they need immediate attention from us since they may need stitches.

We also make sure that the tooth is not displaced due to the laceration. We secure the tooth using bridges or splint, and continue monitoring your condition to make sure you keep your beautiful smile.

When Should You See a Dentist?

If the bleeding in the gums doesn’t stop even after first-aid, better run to your dentist right away. You should also come see us if you knocked out your tooth as a result of a fight, accident or fall.

Make sure to soak the loose tooth in a container of milk on your way here. Also, we understand that going to the dentist is not the first thought that comes to people’s minds following an injury.

However, if you notice the swelling hasn’t gone down or the pain continues to increase over time, the injured party may be infected. Oral injury doesn’t always cause a throbbing pain.

Sometimes, you feel that your tooth is dull and the discomfort is usually relieved using Ibuprofen. This is quite dangerous because you tend to ignore the discomfort without realizing that the damage underneath your tooth will only worsen over time.

If you don’t have extra money lying around, you can survive a cracked or chipped tooth up until you’ve saved up; unless, of course, there’s swelling or bleeding around the affected area in which case, you need to see us right away just to make sure there’s no infection in that part of your mouth.

For oral injury or dental emergencies, contact us immediately. The worst thing you can do is ignore the injury and exacerbate the situation.