Brushing Before Consuming Acidic Foods Can Help Protect Your Teeth

If you take the time to brush your teeth prior to eating or drinking anything acidic, you may be helping to protect your teeth. Many people think that the only good time to brush their teeth is right after eating. However, this is a myth.

For example, if you were to brush right after completing an acidic meal, you could harm your teeth irreparably.

Instead, you should wait 30-60 minutes to help buffer the acids and neutralize them. However, in this particular case, brushing before could significantly help your teeth.

Why You Want to Brush Before Acids

Acids can do a lot of damage to your mouth, especially your teeth. If you leave those acids right up against your teeth, they are very happy feasting on your tooth’s enamel. The bacteria in your mouth add to the acid, and further the damage to your teeth. However, if you brush your teeth prior to eating an acidic meal, you are sparing your mouth some damage.

By brushing before you drink or eat something highly acidic, your mouth is better able to protect itself. First, the bacteria in your mouth that would add to the acid, are gone because you just brushed them away. Second, the acids won’t have any debris on your teeth to cling to, reducing the damage the acids can do. Finally, your mouth will have more saliva in it, which will help to neutralize the acid faster.

By brushing your teeth prior to consuming acidic foods and beverages, you are able to keep your teeth healthier and stronger. The more you can do to protect your teeth from acid, the longer your teeth are going to be able to last.

Contact us about how much damage your mouth has already endured due to acids, and find out what they would recommend you do to correct the damage.