Beating Pain in the Dentist’s Chair Starts with Communication

Your dentist is not psychic. If you go into his or her office in pain, and want her to fix the pain, you need to be able to communicate what is going on.

If you do not give them any insight as to what is happening, you could end up leaving in just as much pain as you came in with because your dentist may have guessed wrong about the problem. When it comes to pain in your mouth, make sure you talk about it openly.

Telling Your Dentist All of Your Symptoms is Very Important

When you go into the dentist in pain, you need to tell them everything that has been going on. If you were in the middle of eating something when the pain started, you need to let them know this. Tell them where the pain started, what you were eating, how long ago it started, and if the pain has moved any since it started.

You also need to convey how much pain you are in. If you had to put the pain on a scale of one to ten, how intense is the pain if ten is the worst pain you can imagine? This helps them narrow down what could be causing the pain because there are a few common causes when the pain becomes excruciating.

Don’t hold anything back about how your toothache started. The more they know, the more likely they are going to be able to pinpoint the problem. Even if you had symptoms that went away, your dentist needs to know this. Those symptoms could be the key to figuring out what is causing your pain, and getting it dealt with.

Contact our office the next time you have pain in your mouth, and make sure they know all of the details that came along with the pain.