Believe It or Not- It’s Almost Back-to-School!


As summer rushes by, we’re feeling as carefree as a sunny Saturday afternoon in mid-June. Long days, warm nights, outdoor activities lined up ahead of us… wait. Whether it’s the “back-to-School” section at the store or the sun creeping down earlier each night, reality is setting in that another wonderful summer must come to an end. I know – It’s not over yet! But one thing the month of August reminds us is that it’s time to get our act together and start prepping for back-to-school and the busy schedule changes that usually come with September. If you have children, you know this means time is running out to get school supplies, buy new clothes, make appointments, etc. Don’t forget those teeth cleanings! It is much easier to get those appointments taken care of before you have to work around a school schedule. We still have appointments open for this month so call us today to check one more thing off of your list!