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How Long Should You Brush Each Time?

While we recommend that patients brush and floss daily, they may wonder how much brushing they should do during each session. That is a good question, as you don’t want to avoid brushing, nor do you want to overdo it. The following information can help you maintain a routine brushing and flossing schedule without concern. […]

Do You Really Need to Brush Before Going to Bed?

Should you really brush your teeth before you go to bed at night? We believe it is important to clean your teeth before you go to bed, as a lot can happen in eight hours, or when you are sleeping. Not only can bacteria and plaque accumulate on the teeth, it can lead to the […]

Vaccinations That Can Help Keep Your Mouth Healthier

While brushing, flossing and rinsing your mouth out with an approved mouth rinse daily is the best way to preserve your oral health, every aspect of your life affects your oral health in one way or another. Even something as seemingly unrelated as your vaccinations can influence the health of your mouth throughout your life. […]

How a Scuba Mask Can Damage Your Teeth

Scuba diving is a well-loved activity around the world, but many people participating in the hobby are unwittingly damaging their teeth without realizing they’re at risk until it’s too late. As it turns out scuba diving is bad for teeth for a number of different reasons. Taking one trip down underwater could leave you with […]

How to Age Gracefully with a Bright Smile

We have heard all of the sayings about what happens when you get older. There are a lot of misconceptions about aging. One of the biggest misconceptions about aging is that you lose your teeth and you have to wear dentures. However, just because you are aging doesn’t mean your teeth have to suffer. Here […]