Are Sugar Free Foods Good for Your Teeth?

Sugary foods are bad news for the teeth, providing food for the bacteria that cause decay.

People who are concerned about their teeth may take this information to mean that they need to switch to sugar-free options, but just how much are you benefiting your teeth with this change?

What many people don’t understand is that while some foods are sugar-free, they can still be bad for your teeth. That’s because there is a distinct difference between tooth erosion and cavities. While sugarless foods might not cause cavities, they can still lead to erosion. This is especially true if they are acidic – for example, diet soda might not have the sugar content of a regular Coca Cola, but the high acid content can still wreak havoc on your mouth.

If you decide to switch to foods that are sugar free in order to benefit your mouth and your overall health, the best thing that you can do is fully research what you are consuming. Foods that have been sweetened with an artificial sweetener are generally thought to be safe for your teeth, as they won’t promote decay.

However, you should check out the label on the package to make sure that there aren’t any natural sweeteners in the product, as they can be just as harmful on your teeth as plain sugar. Fructose, sucrose, and any other ingredient that ends in –ose should be avoided.

Regardless of whether you are eating foods with natural sugar or those that are sugar-free, the only way that you can really guarantee that your teeth are safe is by caring for them properly. This will include brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist regularly.

If you have questions about how to better care for your teeth, call our dental office for guidance and tips on how to create a dietary pan that will best support your dental health.