Alcohol Dries Out Your Mouth and Does Not Need to Be In Dental Products

The dangers of alcohol are well documented. People know that they cannot drink and drive safely. They know that if alcohol can damage their liver. What they don’t always realize is the number of ways that alcohol gets into their body.

There are many dental products that include alcohol. The makers of these products talk about how the alcohol in them benefits oral health, but that does not mean it is necessary. There are ways that the alcohol can cause problems for your oral health.

The Impact of a Dry Mouth

It seems like it is not a big deal. If you have a dry mouth, you drink some water to solve the problem. That is an understatement of what happens. A dry mouth means you are not producing as much saliva as you should. The saliva is important to your oral health because it can help wash away any debris on your teeth and gums. The saliva can also help remove bacteria that grows on the teeth and gums. The saliva also helps maintain the health of the soft tissue of the gums.

When the mouth is dry, all the protections of saliva disappear. The bacteria will grow, and the health of the soft tissue is in danger. It is important to take steps to prevent and to help with a dry mouth.

Alcohol and a Dry Mouth

When you drink alcohol, you also will end up urinating more. This can lead to dehydration, which can also lead to a dry mouth. Limiting the alcohol you drink can help prevent this problem, but that is not the only way that you get alcohol.

There are many dental products that contain alcohol. These products can lead to a dry mouth if you use them too often or too much of them. There are few benefits to the alcohol in these products, so they are not worth the danger of a dry mouth.

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