4 Tips to Getting a Healthier Smile Before Your Next Appointment

While dentist appointments can be scary, they don’t have to be. There are some things you can do beforehand so you have a healthier smile the next time you arrive in our office.

Pay Attention to Your Tooth Brushing Habits

Make sure you’re brushing your teeth for a minimum of a full two minutes twice a day. The best way to do this is to set a timer. By spending two minutes brushing your teeth, you’ll be able to effectively reach every area of your mouth in which cavity-causing bacteria can hide. As you do so, use a soft touch at a 45-degree angle, brushing in small circles so you don’t ruin your enamel. By brushing too hard in a back-and-forth motion you’re causing your gums to recede and damaging your tooth’s structure.

Use the Right Toothbrush

You should get an electric toothbrush if possible. These are better because they closely resemble the tools we use in our office. They also clean hard to reach parts of your mouth better. Even with this type of a toothbrush you’ll need to change it frequently. When its bristles grow frayed, they won’t do as good of a job at cleaning your mouth. These frayed bristles also harbor bad bacteria that leads to infections, including gum diseases and gingivitis. We recommend you change your toothbrush at least every three or four months. Additionally, it should be changed after each time you get sick.

Remember to Floss

Simply brushing your teeth isn’t enough. You must also floss before you brush your teeth so the plaque gets loosened and can be removed when you do brush. Make sure you’re using 18 inches of floss wrapped in a U-shape between your fingers. Gently guide it between your teeth without sawing back and forth.

Chew on Some Gum

Chewing sugar-free gum between meals when you can’t brush your teeth is a great way to ward off cavities and remove any leftover food debris. It will also help activate your saliva, which acts as a buffer between the bacteria and your teeth. This is a great way to help keep your bones and tissues healthier too.

Now that you have a healthier smile, make sure you call our office and make an appointment so we can help you maintain it better.