Restorative Dentistry

In the United States, over 25% of the people who are age 65 and over have lost all of their natural teeth. Half of the people over the age of 55 have lost at least nine teeth. There are plenty of reasons that people lose some or all of their teeth. Tooth decay is behind the reason that over 20% of the adults over 65 have lost all of their teeth. Other reasons that people give for losing teeth includes damage, injury or other health issues. No matter what the reason, losing some or all of the teeth can cause some people to lose the ability to smile.

Teeth are needed for more than just smiling. While appearance is important, the nutrition that we are able to get when we have our natural teeth in place helps keep the whole body healthy. Thanks to dentists that practice restorative dentistry, the problem of missing teeth is something that can be dealt with. There are a variety of procedures that a person can undergo to replace any natural teeth that have been lost or damaged.

Restorative Dental Services


There may be many reasons that people will give for not undergoing any of the restorative procedures that are offered. One of the first that people will say is the cost. It is possible that some of these procedures can be covered by insurance. There are also payment plans that can be worked out so everyone can afford the care they need.

People will also claim that they do not need to have these procedures done. They do not realize if they have lost one tooth, the rest of their teeth may be in danger. Over time, the problems can get worse. Restorative dental procedures are the best way to prevent more teeth from disappearing.

People also fear the pain of any type of dental procedures. These restorative procedures can be done under different kinds of anesthesia to limit the amount of pain or discomfort a person feels. Getting these procedures done can actually reduce the amount of pain that a person is under.

Another excuse is the lack of time to get these procedures done. These procedures do not take long to complete and do not require a lot of visits. Many of the restorative procedures can be completed in one visit.

Whether a person has an accident and needs emergency care, or if they are looking for something that can help restore a smile to their face, the use of restorative dentistry is something everyone needs to be aware of. Instead of accepting the loss of teeth or the pain that can be associated with damaged teeth, it is better to have the problems taken care of.

Making excuses not to have the work done will not bring your teeth back to the way they are supposed to be. The appearance of your teeth is more important than you may realize. Think about it the next time you use your hand to cover your mouth to hide something that has happened to your teeth. Instead of hiding it, take care of it using restorative dental procedures.