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Serving Southwest Boise – 83709

We serve people all over Boise, ID. This includes our friends in the 83709 zip code. Many people refer to this area west of the airport and south of the 84 as Southwest Boise. Boise, ID 83709 We are in the 83709 zip code and our office is a little south and west of the 84/184 […]

Fall in Love with Fall

It’s the first day of Fall! The beginning of a new season is always exciting but Autumn is more than just a change in weather. Fall signifies the beginning of a school year, the start of the holidays, new routines and a new mindset. Those carefree, long summer days are over and it is time […]

Dear Parents of College Students

This one is for those of you with college students! You made it through the K-12 years and whatever came with it- sports, clubs, homework, friends, lessons, growing, excitements, disappointments, summers, falls, holidays, and then graduation and future planning… And now they’re on their own. Kind of. Your college student may be getting ready to […]

Believe It or Not- It’s Almost Back-to-School!

As summer rushes by, we’re feeling as carefree as a sunny Saturday afternoon in mid-June. Long days, warm nights, outdoor activities lined up ahead of us… wait. Whether it’s the “back-to-School” section at the store or the sun creeping down earlier each night, reality is setting in that another wonderful summer must come to an […]

We’re Getting High Tech With Laser Dentistry

Technology is ever-evolving in any industry and dentistry is no exception. We were ecstatic to be able to offer laser dentistry when we opened our doors this year with three state of the art dental lasers. However, Dr. Budolfson is even more excited about the technology after completing her certification course in Dallas, TX this […]